For some people this might sound extreme choosing to decorate your house with Organic paint, but for me after I did the research and I was introduced to this brand, it was hard to turn a blind eye to what I had learnt. Plus I absolutely hate the toxic smell of paint, and as we were decorating the whole house in one go, this was something I had to consider.

So for those of you who are thinking about decorating your house, and if you haven’t already heard about Lakeland Paints, you’re going to be in for a treat.

So pure because it has Zero VOC, Zero Solvent, Zero heavy metals ! 

Wondering what VOC stands for?

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals found in solvent-based and in small quantities in many water-based paints and coatings.  Their main purpose in solvent-based paints is to act as the medium to transfer the paint from the can to the surface and aid the paint’s flow.  Secondly, some VOCs preserve the paint in the can, preventing it from spoiling. In addition, they will be required when the coating requires specialist properties such as rust prevention.  Once applied, the VOCs evaporate and it is because of this transfer that decorating areas should be appropriately ventilated. 

VOCs can also be found in other decorating materials such as thinners and brush cleaners, in fact they will be necessary in products used to clean brushes and rollers used to apply solvent-based paints. (Ref:

You can read more here about how VOC can be harmful to your health and cause longterm issues. If you’re decorating your bedroom, babies or children’s room, you might want to read about this.

What I love about Lakeland Eco Friendly Paints…

Not only are their paints non-toxic, 100% VOC free, odourless, organic and natural, they also contain NO Phthalates, APEOs, Bisphenols or Glycols and all their packaging is 100% Recycled or Recyclable. We decorated the whole of our house in one hit, with their White. It left no smell and the finish was amazing.

Although, when I first told our decorator that I wanted to use Organic paint, he thought I was crazy (happens a lot) and that this paint was going to be useless, he actually attempted to talk me out of it. But, once he actually started painting, he apologised and told me what great quality it was, how easy the paint was to apply and that it gave a great coverage! So perfect, a win, win for everyone!

Super safe for you and all the family, and Figgy can do all the safe wall licking that he likes!

Puppy Dog Figgy (GoldenDoodle)

Lakeland can also mix your paint to any colour, they are based in the UK and their delivery service is super quick! As we initially painted everywhere White, I am now going to be adding some colour in various places, as we need to warm some rooms up with accents of colour. Just need to make a decision of what colour to go for, that could take some time. I shall keep you all updated!

I would love to know if you have ever used Lakeland Paints and to see your pictures? Also please share with me any of your favourite colours.


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