Vegan backpacks made from recycled plastic bottles & vegan shoes!

I’ve just discovered two new brands that I absolutely love and I wanted to share them with you. First of all,  my Vegan backpack, made from Recycled Plastic Bottles by Charlie Feist and second of all my lovely new Vegan Shoes by Wills Vegan Shoes.

  1. Charlie Feist – London

Charlie Feist is a London-based vegan backpack brand that is named after a dog who was bred in the UK in the 1800s to provide companionship to travellers.

The Charlie Feist brand originated in London and they specialise in cruelty free backpacks. It was so pleasing to learn all about their brand and the materials they use to create these beautiful backpacks. Constructed with Vegan leather and eco materials, they use recycled plastic bottles to create the material for the bags. Its Genius!

Old plastic bottles are washed and crushed into tiny pellets, those pellets then get converted into a fibre, which is then spun and gets woven into a fabric. What a great way to recycle plastic!


Wearing: Shiro backpack by Charlie Feist £65.00, Black Vintage Top & Jeans, Flatform Lace Up’s by Wills Vegan Shoes £80

2. Will’s Vegan Shoes – London

We have been a vegan company at the front of vegan clothing and sustainable fashion since we were established in 2012.We provide all your vegan essentials including vegan shoes, vegan boots, vegan sneakers & vegan bags

You don’t need to be Vegan to wear Wills Vegan Shoes, but understanding their ethos makes them even more appealing.  They use vegan leather created with bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Northern Europe. This eco friendly vegan leather made with plants is used for most of their vegan shoes and accessories. It is hard wearing, soft, breathable and is water resistant. And if thats not enough, since 2017 all of their insoles have been made in Spain with recycled rubber.

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