I was recently on a work trip in LA and decided to spend my Sunday rummaging around vintage stores and visiting a local market in Melrose Avenue, that’s when I fell in love with these bad boys by MuseMdrn. Not only do they look amazing, but they have such a great company ethos and are so comfortable. Most of their raw materials come from kind natural sources and are handmade or organic. I always find it really hard to find shoes that look good and have an ethical background, thats why I hit the jackpot with these. Finally, something that isn’t frumpy and has a good moral compass! Plus they ship to the UK so you don’t have to take a flight over to LA.

All  of their pieces are entirely handmade; they are family heirlooms like inheriting your ancestor’s dreams, stories and secrets. The women hand crotchet the bodies of the bucket bags, while the men braid the straps. Each being one of a kind and unique, it is their belief that as they crochet each stitch it is giving a meaning to existence through constant creation and the setting of intentions. They might seem a little pricey, but my theory on this is, buy less and buy better quality items, which have a great ethos and are designed to last longer.

Here is what the guys at MuseMdrn say;

We believe in caring for mother earth, inspiring and sharing the good.
This is why 5% of our net-profits are shared with causes that do good for
mother earth and help keep vintage art practices & cultures that inspire us alive.
Join our tribe and help us change the world for the better
one beautiful and conscious decision at a time.

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