Lockdown has given us the perfect opportunity to browse the web (hopefully not too much) and shop online. But I hope that we all don’t go too mad buying presents this year, which will go to waste, not be used and eventually end up in landfill. I love buying gifts for people, but I always make sure they have some sort of sustainability factor. This year more than ever I have seen sustainable brands popping up everywhere (which is great news) and even long standing brands have now started creating vegan, organic or fair trade versions of their products. So suddenly us eco folk are not sounding so woo woo now!

Whenever you think you’re getting a cheap deal, just remember that someone is paying for it down the line. Sorry to put a bit of a negative spin on your Christmas shopping, but it’s true. It’s much better to buy less, buy intelligently and support the sustainable brands. I’ve added all sorts of goodies to my Christmas Shop and pulled out some sustainable options below that I think you will love. Depending on your budget I have put in a mixed bag of all different options, so you can shop more consciously this year.

Of course if you can make all your gifts, then that’s even better and way more thoughtful.



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