5 Mindful books worth a read this Autumn!

I want to share with you 5 of my favourite mindful books that I think are definitely worth a read. Whether you’re are looking for something to delve into yourself or dare I say it, Christmas presents for your friends and family, I personally love all these books in their own right.

1. Heal – Kelly Noonan Gores

You may have already seen the Heal documentary on Netflix, but if not and you haven’t got time for that you can pretty much get the gist of what it’s all about from this book. So much fear has been inherently installed in to us when it comes to illness and disease. This book is a good eye opener into how powerful the mind and body connection is and how we all have the potential to heal. You might think this all sounds a bit woo woo, but this book is full of real life testimonials and scientifically backed research. It’s an uplifting read which can help you shift your mindset from a confused and fearful state to a positive one.

2. Just Fucking Do It – Noor Hibbert

This is a good and honest read all about self belief and giving yourself the chance you need to succeed. It’s an inspiring read all about keeping focused, blurring out all the fuzz that can distract us. Not thinking about what anyone else thinks and just thriving in what you love doing. No more shying away, this is all about becoming exactly what you want to be!

3. Think like a monk – Jay Shetty

You may have seen that everyone has been going mad over this one. I personally find Jay really interesting, his approach to life and his outlook on certain situations entrails positivity. This is written from his own personal experience of living as a monk. It’s all about removing negative thoughts and patterns from your life that no longer serve you. He focuses on ways we can remove stress, improve our relationships and find that inner calm.

4. The Organised Mind – Daniel Levitin

This is a really interesting book written by a neuroscientist. Using a combination of academic research and examples from daily life, this book is all about how our brain processes information and how we can be better at making important decisions in life. It explores how the brain functions and deals with information overload that is thrust upon us in the modern world.

5. Eat right for your blood type – Dr Peter J D’Adamo

This is the perfect little pocket book full of information on what food groups work best with your blood type. I’m not interested in dieting and I never have been, but I firmly believe in eating intelligently. If you know what blood group you are then it might be worth picking up one of these little books and reading about food groups that work best for you. Especially if you suffer from fatigue, bloating, indigestion, heartburn or migraines. This book lists out in a really simple format, foods you should try to avoid. You obviously don’t have to try it all in one go, but it’s worth cutting out a few things to see if it makes a difference. I carry this around with me now!

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