Kickstarting 2019 – A sustainable start

Towards the end of 2018, I found myself wrapped in all sorts or mayhem trying to cram in as much as possible. So I have decided to kickstart 2019 in a different way. My New Years resolutions are to of course be more sustainable but to also invest my full amount of energy and time into one thing at one time, which I genuinely find so hard! First of all I have started the year by not using my phone before bed (this has proven to be harder than I thought) but I try, to at least have 15 minutes of cleared vision, thinking time before bed. This means no phone, no computers, no TV! It’s so tempting to check my emails, respond to instagram messages or have a quick browse at Facebook. But I have fully invested in establishing my book collection and increasing my knowledge in all my favourite topics. At the moment Calm by Fearne Cotton I’m getting fully into. I’m on a quest to find my inner calm and make friends with it. If you’re looking for yours too, I’d check it out.

New books…

So here are some of the books I’m into at the mo;

Bowls of Goodness by Nina Olsson, Calm by Fearne Cotton & Autumn & Winter Cooking with a Veg Box. (Rock & Roll)

Designing new fabric…

Second of all I have just finished designing by new fabric for Klute & Flume’s range of Beeswax Food Wraps. After such a success and positive response with the first batch we released, I thought I better getting sketching, lino cutting, sampling and printing fast. So I have spent the last 4 weeks, sampling new colours and creating a fabric design which comprises of jewelled and nature inspired tones. Here is a little snippet of the new Beeswax Wraps which will be available next month.

New Fabric Design for Klute & Flume – Printed on unbleached cotton.

Moving house…

Last but not least, we have just moved house! So I have had the pleasure of redesigning our home (I have no idea what I’m doing). We are trying to reuse as much as possible and source as sustainably as we can. We have spent hours on pinterest creating boards for each room, pinning ideas and collecting images of interiors we like and the easiest way to dump whats in my brain into action, is to create a mood board. So I have been making loads of them, which are neatly titled for each room, what a geek!

Moodboards for the house!

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