If you’re looking for christmas gift ideas, I have selected 5 Health Conscious Books, that I love and are definitely worth a read!

1. Little Book of Super Foods: Neals Yard

This is definitely a little book, but it makes the perfect stocking filler and rest assured it doesn’t break the bank. It’s quite literally a pocket guide to 25 superfoods, exploring the healing properties that lies within them. It gives you tips and advice on how to combat stress, make weight loss easier and boost your immune system naturally. It’s the perfect introduction to healthier eating, for somebody wanting to make small changes to their diet. I keep mine in my kitchen drawer as a referral guide, for when I can’t remember what good stuff I should be eating or if I feel like I need a superfood boost.  Visit my shop to purchase online for £3.50 

2.Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: Julia Lawless

This is one of my favourite books that I brought last year and it would make the perfect present for anyone who is interested in Essential Oils or would like to be. It’s an encyclopedia of every single essential oil you can think of, and it explains all about their uses and healing properties. The encyclopedia also covers, the history of aromatherapy and herbalism, how aromatic plants work on your body & mind and it teaches you about creating different blends that work with your mind and body. It’s more of a book you pick up and keep coming back to, as there is so much interesting information to absorb. Visit my shop to purchase online for £9.50. 

3. Healing Foods: Neals Yard

This book, is a book that I can’t actually believe I didn’t buy sooner. Healing Foods by Neals Yard is an encyclopedia of all different foods, which explains all about their nutritional value and health benefits. It’s packed full of information about foods that can heal and cleanse you from the inside out. In alphabetical order you can flick through hundreds of different ingredients and learn all about, how to cook with them and why you should be eating them. Theres tips on how to burn more fat, have radiant skin, healthier hair and feel more energised. This is basically a food bible! There are also some super tasty and easy to cook recipes at the back. You can buy the hardback version online for £16.99

4. Soupologie: Plant-Based; Gluten-Free Soups To Heal; Cleanse And Energise: Stephen Argent

I weirdly love soup throughout the year, but as soon as winter kicks in this is my go to. However, before I discovered this book I was feeling totally uninspired about what soups to make and wasn’t sure about what ingredients went with what.  I’m not strictly gluten free but these soup recipes are so tasty and packed full of goodness. All the ingredients and nutritional information is clearly explained and there are different recipes which help you focus on different aspects. Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system or fight fatigue, this book will help you conquer all. Soups are also a great way to batch cook! You can shop online for £12.99

5. The Clever Guts Diet: How to Revolutionise Your Body from the Inside Out: Dr Michael Mosely

Interestingly enough this book was actually a gift, and It was one of the best presents I’ve ever received, because it’s so good and makes you look at food with a scientific eye. Don’t be put off by the word “Diet” as it’s actually not about dieting, but more about showing how junk food and the overuse of antibiotics can wipe out many good gut bacterias, leading to a modern plague of allergies and food intolerances. It’s such an interesting read which makes you look at food from a different perspective. It’s really well written and easy to follow. It also includes checklists and menu plans so you can create your own gut cleanse. You can it buy online for £5.95.







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