As a Detox Specialist and Health Coach when working with clients my aim is to educate them about the basic understanding of detoxification. This is achieved by helping them identify and reduce exposure to certain foods and environmental toxic chemicals to decrease the burden on the body. My intention is to help my clients strengthen their eliminative organs through the application of scientifically proven and personalised nutritional strategies. To kick off the Detoxification Series I want to share with you some basic principles of detoxification and how it can be beneficial to your overall health.

So what do we mean when we talk about Detoxification?

Detoxification occurs in our bodies daily 24/7 without us even realising it. Our internal organs, the colon, liver, kidneys, skin and intestines, help our bodies eliminate toxic and harmful matter from our bloodstreams and tissues, and they each work in unique ways to keep us as clean as possible. Often our systems become overloaded with waste, especially because of todays over processed foods, and the number of environmental pollutants we are exposed to. These can easily overwhelm our delicate systems and cause toxic matter to build up in our bodies. 

A Detoxification programme is designed and tailored to the bio-individuality and unique requirements of the individual. They are designed to help your body rid itself of the toxic matter buildup, which in turn can also help people lose weight. 

If you’re somebody who feels sluggish, has frequent colds, digestive problems, skin breakouts, or symptoms of allergies you may have a toxicity issue, that could seriously benefit from a detox. Detoxing can help your body by working with your internal and external pathways by promoting and enhancing the natural elimination process. People often find that their energy levels are increased, their stamina is increased, and their digestive system improves. Often people also find that they gain increased mental clarity and decreased allergy symptoms. 

Detoxification - Green Veg

A daily intake of fresh vegetables are a huge necessity during any detox programme, and can also help scrub our intestines, ridding any toxin build up or bad gut bacteria thats accumulated over time. Vegetables that are particularly essential for this process include things likes, broccoli, garlic, cauliflower, artichokes, and beets. 

If you would like to find out more about the Detox programmes I offer or feel like you could benefit from an assessment and tailored short term nutritional plan, then visit my website for more details and book in a FREE initial Health Consultation. 

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