Botanically dyed, hand made aromatherapy eye pillows.

I’ve been meaning to share this brand with you for quite a while. I was introduced to SANDA by one of my friends, who sent me one of their amazing, lavender scented, organic eye pillows in the post. Ever since then, I can’t sleep without it!

After absolutely loving their soothing and relaxing effect, I did a little research to discover the company had been founded by another on of my friends, which made me love them even more.

All made in the UK, these make the most perfect gifts and are suitable for anyone to use during yoga, meditation and to help promote better sleep. So here is why I love them and why I would recommend that you get one!

Plant Based Dyeing

All their linen is dyed in small batches using plant based dyes such as turmeric, beetroot, madder root and logwood flowers. This means there are no nasty substances or unnecessary extras (no metals, chemicals, pollutants).

So they are kind to your skin as well as being kind to nature, helping you to feel good.Chemical dyes, pollutants and excessive water usage make the textile design industry one of the most polluting industries. By dyeing small batches of fabric using botanical dyes there is very little waste and no chemicals are needed.

Organic Linen

The inner and outer cases are both made from 100% organic, unbleached linen. Organic Linen is biodegradable and grows quickly without pesticides. It doesn’t leach minerals from the soil and the fabric production uses little water, making it one of the most sustainable fabric available.


Using the ideas behind aromatherapy wisdom they have combined together whole plant ingredients that can uplift the mind and senses, ease anxiety and calm the nervous system. 

SANDA have created energising combinations which help clear the mind and stimulate concentration and focus. The prefect addition to a morning ritual or meditation.

If you like what you hear then check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

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