I am Nicole and I am the founder of ethical fashion & homeware brand Klute & Flume.  I have always been passionate about sustainable products and the benefits that come with them. As I’ve always had a curious nature, during the last six years I became fascinated with knowing where my clothes came from, or what chemicals were in my beauty products but most importantly, what I could do right now, to make small changes that would have a significant impact in the future. Along my journey I have discovered so many other exciting brands promoting a similar ethos to my own brand, which made me want to share my discoveries. Though the eco voice is certainly getting louder, I wanted to compile these exciting products to one, eco-friendly, conscious, ethical and sustainable hub! Alas, welcome to Sounds Sustainable! This isn’t a blog of preaching, my goal is simply to share the best eco brands, helping you, in however way you like, live a more conscious lifestyle.


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