A few months ago I discovered a brand that I got very excited about! Being an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am always encouraging my clients to seek healthier options in all capacities and two of the things that are often discussed are stress and dehydration, the latter due to the fact that people simply don’t like drinking water!

However, people are consuming copious amounts of sweetened beverages that are full of sugar, artificial colourants, sweeteners, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and all sorts of other nasties that have absolutely no nutritional value or benefits to our systems. What’s scary is, that consuming these types of drinks on a regular basis has an accumulative effect on the body that can be detrimental to our physical and mental health. Hence why I was so excited to discover this natural stress relief from Fount, that can help relieve stress and make your water taste more exciting!

Tried and tested, whenever I feel like I need to just relax and take 5 mins for myself, I add a few drops of this to my tea or water and let the botanical blend work its magic.

Stress Relief - Health Coach
Apple, elderflower, ashwagandha, zinc, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, L-Theanine

I caught up with Owen from Fount so he could tell me more about the amazing drinks he has created and the inspiration behind his brand. Read the full interview below…

Can you tell us a little about yourself and why you want to encourage people to add healthy ingredients to their drinks?

I run a charity for the food industry called One Feeds Two where we provide school meals in the world’s poorest communities to encourage school enrolment and attainment. The school meal is one lever that can have a broad and major impact. I could see a lot of common themes with the Fount concept. I believe in finding solutions to give people an alternative to a problem. Imagine the positive impact if people switched even a few of their daily drinks from something that detracts from their health and costs the environment to something that is health-positive and gentler on the environment!

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

There were three: Blue Planet, the climate crisis, and our health and obesity epidemic. I felt like the modern drinks industry was letting down our citizens and our environment and I knew that there had to be a better alternative.

What was the first combination that you created?

We developed the four flavours in parallel, but the Refresh & Revitalise: Raspberry & Green Tea was the one where we first got to the point of “Oooooh!!! That’s delicious, different, and ticks all the criteria that we have for our range of drinks.” One of the team was (not very secretly!) sneaking the samples home with her because she couldn’t wait for it to go into production!

What makes your products unique and different?

We believe that the 6-8 drinks that we all have each day are the perfect occasions to improve our wellbeing – when we can conveniently top-up the good stuff and cut out the bad. We created blends of fruit, botanicals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to each deliver a particular health benefit. We ensure that all the ingredients are present in meaningful quantities.

We also “took out the nasties” which for us meant added sugar and artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours and preservatives. It also meant no single-use plastic or needless shipping of water to places with perfectly good tap water – hence why it’s a concentrate.

And all this happened to mean that they’re vegan-friendly, keto-friendly, and diabetic-friendly!

Why did you call Fount – Fount?

I loved the connotations of Fount with water, and also with being a place to go for goodness and wellness. It reflects a lot of what we are about.

What can we hope to see in the future?

So much happening! We are exploring new health benefit areas that we can develop drinks to target. We are always looking at exciting new flavour combinations as well. We are also exploring ways to bring our community more insights into “small changes that can have big impacts” on our wellbeing and the environment.




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