Last week I shared a post on my Instagram about refined sugar, and how much of it can be found in soft drinks. Repeated excessive sugar intake can negatively impact our health, so why as a nation do we still consume so much of it? I have put together a list of 10 guilt-free soft drinks that are still enjoyable, can still be bought locally and can be enjoyed by the whole family guilt-free!

1. Pip Organic Mango, Orange & Apple Juice with spring water.

This is a great one for children made from 100% Organically Grown Fruit & Spring Water, contains no refined added sugar, sweeteners, and is not from concentrate. This is a great option for lunch boxes!

2. ChariTea Green Iced Tea with Ginger 

This is best served chilled, and it’s super refreshing! This drink is a green tea blended with ginger, lemon, agave, and honey, with organic ingredients sourced directly from Fairtrade farms. I love having this all year round poured into a wine glass.

3. COCOS Organic Strawberry Coconut Kefir

This is one of my absolute favorites and I often have this in the morning or even as a treat after dinner! It’s super thick and creamy and full of goodness. It’s a tangy but fruity kefir drink that is naturally refined sugar, dairy, gluten, and preservative-free. This can be enjoyed by the whole family and is great for your gut health. These are perfect to keep in the fridge for when you’re on the go!

4. Purearth Organic Hibiscus & Lime Kefir

If you love a fizzy drink, then this one is for you! This is a great option that actually has some nutritional value. It’s a great source of Vit B2 + B12. Vit B12 supports the normal function of the immune system and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Each 100ml serving contains 10 billion live cultures. Bifidobacterium, Psychraerophilum, Lactobacillus Satsumensis and Lactobacillus Paracasei.

5. Gusto Original Energy Drink

To give you a little energy boost, this is a great option. A tasty premium blend of stimulating botanicals, kola nut, Amazon Guarana, 4 varieties of ginseng, and a blend of Chinese herbs for energy and mental focus. This is the UK’s first organic energy drink. High on flavour and energy, naturally. With all ingredients 100% natural and plant-based, organic fruit juices are used for sweetness.

6. Brite For Better Focus – Blueberry Verbena

This will give you an even better energy boost than the drink above! Super refreshing and this is full of goodness. Brite is a natural nootropic drink for better focus and productivity. It is made with nature’s superfoods, such as organic matcha, and guarana for a long-lasting boost without energy spikes or crashes. No preservatives, no added sugar or sweetener, nothing artificial.

7. Dash Water Lemon

This is a great alternative to lemonade and doesn’t contain loads of sugar or other rubbish! British sparkling spring water infused with wonky lemons – No sugar, calories, or sweeteners.

8. Cocofina Coconut Water

We all know about Coconut water, but this is a great one, especially if you work out. Cocofina 100% natural and organic coconut water is pure, refreshing and rehydrating. It is an ideal sports rehydration drink since it is naturally isotonic and contains potassium and sodium salts that are normally lost during exercise.

9. Purearth Shot Stuff: Turmeric & Ginger Shot

This is a healthy shot, that makes you zing! These are great to pop on your bag when you’re out and about and will give you that little boost! Raw anti-inflammatory shot with fresh turmeric root, ginger root, filtered water, honey, lime, black pepper oil.

10. Whole Earth Sparkling Elderflower Drink

Last but not least, this is refreshing, light, and great to have at a party when you don’t want to drink! They also do a sparkling Ginger and Apple drink too, which are also delicious!

So here are just a selection of soft drinks that aren’t full of refined sugar, additives and can all be bought locally or online. I would love to hear your thoughts on the drinks above and also about any other drinks you recommend.

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